Final Fantasy 7. That's all I really need to say isn't it? The game that changed gaming and gamers, myself included. Before FF7, the closest I ever came to playing an RPG was Zelda. In itself Zelda was great, but RPG's were mostly lost on me. I wanted more in the way of graphics, and finally got my wish with FF7. Having never played a Final Fantasy game before, everything was new to me: The way characters interacted and behaved, the battle system, and how you traveled across this whimisical world were all new to me. It was beyond incredible and I enjoyed every hour of it.

With the release of Advent Children, all the memories and feelings have once again been stirred with no complaints (well, Heather has a few concerning Cloud...). If you can get your hands on a copy (all the stores around us sold out), do it.

Along with the beautiful CG work there is a great 'making of' on the second disc, as well as trailers for FF7 related games (including 'Dirge of Cerebus').

Will there be an FF7 remake for the PS3? Rumors are currently pointing toward yes (no doubt, in response to the release of Advent Children in the states). Some sources are confirming that the Tech Demo of FF7 is more than a demo, and in fact will be a full blown remake. I'm sure many things will be revealed at E3 this year.

Page Zero...and a Bunny Story

So I was editing some html coding on the site a few days ago, and accidently uploaded new versions of pages 1-6 (managing to lose the old files in the process >_<). No big loss, we were planning to update them anyway ^_-.

The only problem was that the updated pages required a bit of background info.....which is why we've introduced Page 0.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this updated, more "in-depth" version of the story thus far ^_^.

Speaking of going more "in-depth" story-wise, this is the real event that inspired the bunny rescue sequence:

Last summer I took Goldifox (the real one) out for a walk early one morning.

We had just started back home when I heard a high-pitched "SCREE SCREE" sound. Then a cat appeared across the street, carrying a small fluffy animal in it's mouth. Figuring that the cat had already made it's kill, I sent-up a wish that the death had been quick....then continued on my way home.

Suddenly Goldifox picked-up a scent, and seemed determind to follow it. I let her lead the way, and she took me to a neighbor's porch. On that porch was the same cat I had seen earlier. He had a baby rabbit backed-into a corner. The bunny was very much alive, and terrified.

Since the cat was obviously well-fed, and the baby bunny was still alive, I decided to intervene. After securing Goldifox to a nearby post I removed my jacket, and used it to scoop-up the bunny. The poor thing was clinging to me and shaking. He (I assume it was a boy) finally calmed down a little after we got home, and I was able to check for injuries. Miraculously I couldn't find so much as a scratch! The bunny was soon hopping-about, investigating our countertops ^_^.

I was so tempted to keep him, but ultimately decided to set the baby bunny free. Of course we had to take some photos of our fluffy visitor ^_-.

He was so tiny! You can see how big my keys look next to him.

I set him loose next to a nearby rabbit burrow, and he hopped right in. Now everytime I see a bunny around our neighborhood I wonder if it might be the same one I met that morning.

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