It’s On!

Up and running! Our webcomic’s official launch! It has been a long time in the making.... or should I say "a long time in the contemplating"?

The first month that Heather and I launched we realized we had something special. An artist’s portfolio website is a terrific tool for finding jobs in today’s data stream world, and ours was no exception. While we were thrilled to recieve job offers from employers, what really surprised us was the reaction of fans!

Something that completely shocked me was our first trip to Megacon in 2001. I was attending as ‘Jason Martin: Comic Book Inker’, and came prepared with all my "comic book inker" essentials (ie. original comic art pages and inking tools). On a whim we brought along a few color prints of our pinup work. Heather and I had just done these for fun, and hoped that some people might enjoy looking at them. The reaction was amazing!

At the time I was mainly known for inking, and had just inked one of the biggest books out there: 'Battle Chasers'. So there I am with these gorgeous pieces of original comic art (pencilled by Joe Madureira and inked by me). I expected that these pages would be our main attraction. They were to a select few who were interested (mainly other comic artists), but to my surprise, the small number of prints we had brought along sold out in an instant! WOW! Just wow. Heather and I couldn't believe that these pin-up prints we had done just for fun were generating more interest than my 'ultra-cool' comic book pages. We rushed-out to make more prints Friday evening, and by mid-Saturday I ended-up putting away all my comic art (no one was interested). We spent the rest of the weekend selling and signing our prints.

I have spent the years since then in an odd gray area.... Am I just a comic book inker who draws cute girls every now and then? .... A magazine illustrator? .... What? Am I ever going to my own comic? Should I draw-up samples of Spiderman and send them in to Marvel? I certainly have the contacts to do so. Should I pitch an original idea to a big company? Should I self-publish? Should I create a webcomic?


I love the idea of webcomics, I love technolgy, I love comic art. It’s quite simple, really. We deliver the goods, you enjoy and support the goods, we will deliver more and more and more!

-A little side Note-

All my “I’s” can easily be replaced with “We” as Heather and I are a team every step of the way. My art wouldn’t have succeeded without her support (and beautiful color work)!

So here we are with the first page: just setting the tone at this point. Don’t worry though! The fun and action is coming soon enough. We will be continually updating the website as we go along. The ABOUT THE CHARACTERS area will fill out as we encounter new friends and foes along our journey, and the forums will be up soon.....hopefully (we’re still figuring it all out).

If you have any thoughts concerning the webcomic, you can email us through the contact link.

I also want to let everyone know that we will be contributing to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Charity. We donated some of our art to their auction last year, and will be doing the same this year. This is an awesome charity that the PA boys (and girls) have put together, and I kid you not when I say that this has become HUGE! Just look at those numbers! Take a peek at the website.

Hooray! Our webcomic is finally online *_*.

Jason and I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time. Ever since the launch of our portfolio site back in 2001, we have recieved countless requests to do a comic. I'm thrilled that we've finally been able to get this going, and hope that all the wonderful people who have supported us over the years (and all those who have recently discovered Jason's and my artwork) will enjoy our 'Faolain' story ^_^.

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