ĎBump Mapped Curvesí

Anyone notice I like to draw girls? There are times when Iím asked why I donít draw more guys. My simple answer is "why?". Iíve never understood the fascination with drawing overblown musclar men in spandex, maybe itís one of the Ďsuper-heteroí things other guys do, like watching football....but nah, Iím not really obsessed with the male form. So is the 'Super Steriod Man' the only representation of the male form? No, obviously not, but your typical American Comic would lead you to believe otherwise.

Manga and Anime tend to bring the reader in on a more relatable level. How many stories are based on someoneís High School tribulations? Weíve all been through it and can relate immediately, sure some of these kids can levitate or make monsters appear from the ground...but they still look like high school kids, not the cover to 'Muscle Head Monthly'.

Back to my topic: I wanted to let eveyone know that we have a full page (at least it better be) pinup of Alisia Dragoon in Playís Girl of Gaming #3. It should be hitting the stands soon, if it isnít already available. I know there is some controversy to the idea of Girls of Gaming....you know, hottie drawings (or renderings) of various Game Babes does sound sooo terrible, doesnít it? Puh-lease. We were all drooling over Tifa the first time we saw her in full blown CG (or maybe youíre an Aerith man), either way these magazines rock! They also tend to sell out, so you might want to hit up Playís website and order your copy now!

Image Copyright © 2005 Play Magazine Online

Hereís some info on Bump Mapping. Itís what makes the trees and rocks look so nice in Halo.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone had a good one ^_^.

Unfortunately Jason and I were too busy to make the trip to be with family this year.....but we improvised with a rotisserie chicken for two, some side dishes, and I made pies for dessert. It was all very yummy, and I'm totally stuffed @_@. Of course Goldifox ended-up getting a little bit of chicken too, so she was a very happy pup today.

Speaking of Goldifox, she is the inspiration for the Goldifox in our 'Faolain' story.

Here's a photo:

We adopted her a few months ago, and immediately fell in love with the little fluffball. Originally we had hoped to adopt a puppy, but as soon as we met Fox (short for 'Goldifox') we knew she would be perfect for us ^_^. She is incredibly smart and affectionate....plus she bonded with Jason and I very quickly!

If you are thinking about adding a dog (or any other type of animal) to your family, please consider adopting! There are so many wonderful animals out there who deserve loving homes.

If you are looking to adopt, I highly recommend checking-out the Pet Harbor and PetFinder national databases. You can type-in your zip code to locate listings for adoptable pets in your area ^_^.

P.S. If you think Goldifox is cute (and want to see more photos), please vote for her on RateMyPup.com!

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