‘Tis the season, isn’t it? You know, the time when all the cool stuff hits and you quickly realize that it won’t all be yours.. sigh. So it goes.

November is typically the month that everything ships just in time for Christmas. If you take a look at popular media releases you will soon note the timing of merchandise. Ever notice that all the big budget action movies are releases between May to July? This is to capitalize on the six to eight month later release on DVD. Usually perfectly timed to ship the week of Thanksgiving. Now I used to never have a problem with this, but it really has gotten out of hand in recent years. Not only do popular DVD releases flood this month, but add the videogame release nightmare on top of it as well (anyone have the elusive and possibly buggy Xbox 360?) and you have some frustrated fans. How can the otaku in us all be fulfilled? So much entertainment, so little time ^_^.

What is an otaku? Here’s a nifty explanation. An interesting term if there ever was one. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend ‘Otaku No Video’ by famed Studio Gainax. You will relate to this movie in one way or another, believe me.

Image and Characters Copyright Gainax

Here’s an interesting article on how well Anime and Manga is doing.

Our new Forums are online! Hooray!

Ahhh....it's so nice to have our internet back ^_^. I just barely managed to upload the latest page of Faolain before the cable went out this past Monday.

Normally our cable company is pretty good about fixing this sort of thing, but this time around it was quite a struggle to get us connected again. I found myself remembering scenes from that Seinfeld Season 7 episode "The Cadillac (1)", in which Kramer gets revenge on the cable company. Funny stuff ^_^.

On a more exciting note.....

Only nine more days the new Narnia Movie! I can hardly wait *_*. It looks like the people behind this production are really going all out and doing it right. Check out IGN's Narnia Exclusive: The Anatomy of a Centaur article for a detailed look at new images showing the weapons, armor, and look of Narnia's centaurs.

Speaking of Narnia stuff, I recently came across this awesome map (click the image for SUPER HUGE version):

Map courtesy of Walden Media

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