‘Old Skool Gaming’

I recently picked up two nifty nostalgic game packages, both taking me back to my youth as a gamer.

First up is Capcom Classics Collection. I’m so glad they finally got around to releasing this. Capcom has made way too many cool games, and this collection will hopefully be the first of many. I mainly bought this compilation for the Ghosts-n-Goblins series, which I pumped many a quarter into while drinking Slurpees at the Circle K. Ghosts-n-Goblins was not only a very ‘Capcom’ game (they all have a certain feel about them, mainly due to the character designs), it was also incredibly difficult. However, they did some very ingenious things. Right from the start the game would show you a map, (very quickly). So, you could see what perils awaited you, and how far you might be able to get. It was very addictive trying to get to the end of that map ..and I never quite made it. Now, maybe I can! The 22 games included on the disc range from crisp and clear to kinda muddy. Some of them I had never played or even heard of. For $20, it’s a good deal.

I should mention that Capcom did a similar collection on the PS1 called Capcom Generations. The drawback was that they never were released in the States....unless you could get an import, you couldn't play.

The second compilation I picked up is the Megaman Anniversary Collection. This is a fantastic collection to have all on one disc ...and again, for $20! I come and go with my interest in the Blue Bomber, so this disc will be perfect for placating my sidescrollin’ stints.

I’ll be picking up the Sonic Mega Collection in the future as well.

In keeping with the theme of ‘Ye Olde Gaming’, we recently put up the illustration of Alisia Dragoon on Artplaymix.com. So check it out, for all it’s coolness! You can also see this one in print in Play's latest Girls of Gaming Magazine.

Finally, I want to point you guys over to Anime Fringe, who I recently did an interview with.

Cool Chocolate and Movies

If you're a chocolate addict like me, or are just bored with all the typical chocolate products, you should definitely pay a visit to The Cocoa Room. They make the most unusual (and yummiest) chocolate candy I've had in awhile. I highly recommend their Sunflower Dragee candies. My aunt and uncle got Jason and I some as a gift once (over 6 months ago), and I still can't stop thinking about them. I may have to treat myself and order some for Christmas ^_-.

So I finally got to see The Brothers Grimm tonight. I was very curious to see it despite the bad reviews, and mainly for the fairy tale references. The visuals were stunning! (Jason tells me that Terry Gilliam is always impressive in that area.) However, I must admit to being slightly disappointed.... I understand that the French people in the story were intended to act as villans and comic relief, but I didn't enjoy them >_<. In fact, I would venture to say that it probably would have been a better movie if they had all been omitted.

Jason and I also got to see The Island last night. I went in with low expectations, but actually ended-up really enjoying this one! It reminded me of Logan's Run, and Jason caught some cool Blade Runner references ^_^. I don't want to hype this one overly because I think it's probably best to go in not expecting too much.....but I will say that it is certainly worth renting (especially if you're a sci-fi fan).

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