Narnia and All That

When The Chronicles of Narnia was premiering in theatres there was a promotional exhibit, featuring life-size Narnia snow globes, at a nearby mall in Denver. The coolest part of the exhibit was the area with the original costumes and props. The snowglobes themselves were nicely done, and captured that magical feel of Narnia.

Here are some photos I took of the snow globe exhibit:

View From the Second Floor

The First Snow Globe (Elderly Man Reading to Kids)

Lucy and Mr. Tumnus Snow Globe

Peter's Costume

Some Props From the Movie

Wardrobe Entrance to Narnia

Inside the Snow Globe

It Was Really Snowing!

Susan, Father Christmas and the Beavers Snow Globe

We had planned to make a day of it, and see the movie at the mall theatre after viewing the snow globes. Ironically, the theatre in that mall wasn't even showing the movie! We ended-up seeing it later that day at our local theatre.

It's a beautiful movie. Weta keeps kicking ass and I'm looking forward to the sequels.

The Narnia DVD was just released this past Tuesday, and it has a Pirates of the Carribean 2 trailer on it. The first Pirates is one of my all-time favorite movies, so I'm really looking forward to this one, (as well as the third one).

Here are some interesting links:

I would've loved to attend this.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is finally out!

On the topic of games, here's an interesting and very "Japanese" fighting game.

The Simpsons Movie has finally been confirmed, check out the teaser trailer here!

Also,if you're a Simpsons fan, you have to check out this video!

My Brother Sends the Best Cards

My brother Ross has a great sense of humor, and is talented enough to share it in the form of mini-comics. He often creates custom cards/comics for friends and family. We got a great one this past Christmas!

Before you read the comic, here are some bits of information that will help you appreciate it:

-The guy is suppossed to be Jason.
-The bird is my cockatiel Piper. Here's a pic of him:

He loves chewing on paper (especially if it's colorful) ^_-.

*Click on the Thumbnails Below For a Larger Image*

I love the squinty-eyed Piper panel *^^*.

Thanks again Ross!

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