Basic Bio: Jason and Heather Martin

Jason and Heather met in the summer of 2000. Together they collaborated to develop a unique artistic style: merging Jason's illustrative skills with Heather's coloring talents. In 2001 they launched an online portfolio (now known as Artplaymix.com).

Within a matter of months Jason and Heather's artwork had attracted many new fans, and they were hired to create illustrations for several nationwide (and worldwide) publications! (Visit the 'ABOUT' section of Artplaymix.com to view Jason and Heather's Client/Publication Lists.)

Jason and Heather married in 2003, and currently maintain a small studio together in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The Faolain Project

Creating our own comic has been a goal ever since we began to collaborate artistically. We have invented dozens of characters and stories over the years, but none of them were fascinating enough to hold our attention for long....

Then, late one evening, Jason suggested that we create an illustrated short story inspired by a fairy tale. Heather latched-onto this idea and began writing. Before we knew it, our short story had grown into a novel! It didn't take us long after that to realize 'Faolain' was the idea we had been waiting for.

We are very excited to share our story and characters, and hope that everyone will enjoy what we do!


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